EICSP/MESP Volunteering/Internship Policy

1. Introduction

EICSP/MESP runs a public events programme for wide public benefit.

Volunteers are essential to EICSP/MESP and make a vital contribution to the above public events programme.

The main areas where volunteers are currently active are:

EICSP/MESP celebrates the value of volunteering and seeks to involve volunteers in what it does in order to:

2. EICSP/MESP’s Commitment to Volunteering


3. Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment of volunteers will be from all sections of the community, and will be in line with EICSP/MESP’s Equal Opportunities Policy. We endeavour to promote our volunteering opportunities to a diverse audience, and, in particular, to encourage former participants to take on the challenge of volunteering where this is appropriate.

4. Induction

EICSP/MESP’s Volunteers will be provided with all necessary information required for volunteering. This will give volunteers an introduction to the necessary skills required for working as a volunteer, to key health and safety considerations, to our Equal Opportunities Policy, and to the types of activities that will take place.

5. The Volunteer’s Voice

Volunteers are encouraged to express their views about matters concerning EICSP/MESP volunteering activity and EICSP/MESP events. To this end, volunteers will be asked for written feedback.

6. Volunteer Benefits

EICSP/MESP volunteers attend for free the events at which they volunteer, after selecting events that are of interest to them, and volunteers are invited to the annual MESP Hosted Meal as our guest.

7. Insurance

All volunteers are covered by the EICSP/MESP’s insurance policy whilst they are on the premises or engaged in any work on the organisation’s behalf. Policies held include public and employer’s liability. EICSP/MESP does not provide motor insurance for volunteers using their own vehicles. Volunteers are responsible for their own belongings.

8. Health and Safety

Volunteers engaged in volunteering at events of the EICSP/MESP will be responsible for upholding the relevant Health and Safety requirements of the venue and appropriate to the event.

9. Equal Opportunities

EICSP/MESP is committed to equal opportunities for staff, volunteers and participants in all aspects of its recruitment, support, training and events. Volunteers are expected to be open minded, sensitive and respectful of people, values and experiences and should expect to be treated in the same manner. EICSP/MESP has a separate Equal Opportunities Policy. Copies of the full policy will be available to volunteers, and volunteers are responsible for upholding this policy while they are volunteering on behalf of the EICSP/MESP.

10. Moving On

Volunteers will have the right to request a reference on the basis of their voluntary work and will be supported to move on to other options.