Online Zoom Forum: Beyond a Fear of Intimacy Towards the Making of Love.

Date: Sunday 27 March 2022.
Time: 6pm-8.30pm (UK time).

Event Description: We will explore the theme together with the following presentations.

Alison Mclaren:

Title: Intimacy of Compassion.

Description: Alison will consider the differences between the words mercy and compassion. Self-compassion for Alison comes first. We learn to be compassionate with others she believes, when we share an intimate relationship with ourselves first.

Bio: Alison lives on Skye and has studied many of the healing arts as well as bereavement care. An Initiate of Brìdghe of Scotland and Brigid of Ireland, Alison teaches Celtic Gutha. She always knew that there was a path before her of integrating wounds from the past, and healing ancestral stories. This path she walks.

Bryony Smith:

Title: Intimacy with Self - An Inward Journey to Love.

Description: Deepening into her embodiment, Bryony experiences a re-connecting with love that continues to be explored. Bryony will reflect on this journey and how this has altered what 'love' might mean and be to her, and how this increasing intimacy with self facilitates a deeper connection with body, earth, nature, and other humans.

Bio: Bryony lives in East Lothian and currently works as a craniosacral therapist and as a somatic trauma therapist. Her studies and exploration of spirituality mean a deep sense of how the spiritual and the sacred biology come together to provide an integrated basis for healing to happen. Connecting with yew trees has been another strong influence on this journey and she co-directs a project on Scotland's yew trees.

Darryl Mead and Mary Sharpe:

Title: Beyond a Fear of Intimacy.

Description: Darryl and Mary will separately offer a presentation where they will both look at the ways in which intimacy is honoured and essential in their personal relationship. Mary and Darryl will share how an age old revered sacrament of sacred touch can support this intimacy.

Bio: Darryl lives in Cambridge, is chair of Reward Foundation, an educational charity looking at the science behind sex and love. Darryl is a fellow of Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. His devotion to his love relationship with his wife is both inspirational and admirable.

Bio: Mary lives in Cambridge with Darryl. She is CEO of the Reward Foundation, a former lawyer and relationship educator. Mary has done much research in Cambridge on the phenomenon of ‘Sacred Sexuality’, and together with Darryl she has written much on pornography and its affects on the brain.

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