Event: Online Zoom Workshop:

The Spiritual Essence of the Enneagram.

Facilitator: Ken Webb.
Date: Saturday 27 March 2021.
Time: Workshop: 10am-4pm.



Enneagram Day Programme for 27th March 2021

9.45 Registration,

10.00 Welcome, introduction, and opening meditation.

10.15 Session 1: The Roots, Lineage, and historical development of the Enneagram.

10.55 Breakout Groups (of between three and four people).

11.05 Comfort break.

11.15 Session 2: The symbolic meaning and relevance of the Enneagram Symbol.

11.55 Breakout groups.

12.05 Comfort break.

12.15 Session 3: Essence, losing touch with essence and formation of personality.

12.55 Breakout groups.

13.05 Lunch break.

14.15 Session 4: Types and subtypes, an introduction and overview.

14.55 Breakout groups.

15.05 Comfort break.

15.15 Session 5: The Enneagram journey as found in Homer’s Odyssey.

15.45 Addressing questions, and concluding remarks.

16.00 End of Enneagram Day.


Event Description: The Enneagram, meaning Diagram of Nine, is a sophisticated map of the human personality designed to foster spiritual growth and personal transformation. Rooted in ancient Middle Eastern spirituality, it has evolved through all three Abrahamic faiths before being integrated with the insights of modern psychology. Rather than putting people in boxes, as most personality typing tools do, the purpose of the Enneagram is to get people out of the box into which they have, unconsciously, put themselves. It is all about making the journey from Ego to Essence, from Shadow to True Self.

This day workshop will focus on the essence, mystical understanding, and inner dynamic of the Enneagram as presented to the very first people to whom Gurdjieff, who introduced the Enneagram to the West back in 1915 -1925, and recorded by P. D. Ouspensky’s one of his original disciples. We will see how the modern Enneagram combines the ancient wisdom of the symbol with the ancient understanding of the spiritual journey, contained in the Odyssey, attributed to Homer, and coming from around 600 BCE, but probably passed down by word of mouth from very ancient times. We will dip into the numerology that Pythagorus (c. 500 BCE) saw in the Enneagram, and see how the 4th Century Desert Father’s in Egypt drew on these pre-Christian traditions. Then we will look at the way the Enneagram is meant to function as a map of spiritual growth before introducing the individual types and subtypes. It will not be possible to describe the types and subtypes in detail. For that a longer course or working with someone who can lead you through it would be required. However, it should enable you to read the material that is available in books with greater understanding.

Born in China and brought up in Burma, Ken Webb graduated from St Bartholomew’s Hospital, University of London to practice medicine first in the UK and then, for many years, in Thailand. He went on to study theology at Trinity College Bristol, graduating in 1992, and was ordained into Anglican ministry after a further year of post graduate study. He served a curacy in Cheltenham before returning to Thailand to start up a new bilingual international congregation at the invitation of the bishop of Singapore. Returning to Scotland in 2001 he was licensed as rector of Christ Church Duns in 2002. He spent the last five years before retiring in 2017 overseeing the training of those preparing for authorised ministry in the diocese of Edinburgh. Ken was introduced to the Enneagram in 1995 and began to delve more deeply into it in 2014, undertaking a number of courses put on by the Shift Network and Enneagram Institute.

Spiritual Essence of the Enneagram

NB: There will be no refund if you cancel your booking.

Cost: £25/£20 (Concessions)/£10 (Students). For a Registration Form:
Contact: Neill Walker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0131 331 4469.

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