Event: Day Workshop: Seeds of Potential - dance with the origins of Life. NB:

Facilitator: Claire Levey Lewis.
Venue: Sanctuary, Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL.
Date: Saturday 29 April 2017.
Time: Registration: 9.30am-10am. Day Workshop: 10am-4.30pm.
Event Description: A Biodanza One Day workshop: Theory and Practise of the Biodanza system.

In celebration of International Day of Biodanza 2017, honouring Rolando Toro Araneda (19 April 1924 - 16 Feb 2010) creator of the Biodanza worldwide dance system.

Rolando Toro Araneda (1924-2010).

Biodanza – which means ‘Dance of Life’ – originated in Chile 50 years ago through the work of Rolando Toro Araneda, Psychologist, Medical Anthropologist, Artist and Poet, Rolando Toro Araneda from Chile.

Life is generated, supported and maintained through primal instincts that regulate our physical, emotional and psychological health and wellbeing. Humans have survived on planet earth because of these instincts. They are our life force and link to our origin.

Life is still a mystery in itself. The origin of what creates the basis of these life functions and the neurological pathways that inform our consciousness and experience are still debated among a myriad of belief systems.

Biodanza does not espouse one particular religion or spiritual practise. It is centred on the principles of life that embody and embrace all cultures and diversity and as such uses dances and movements as a way to discover life through our own experiences, in body, feeling and thought.

Dance is itself, an instinct. Movement comes from organic needs, even on a most basic level to find what we need – food, shelter, community.

The complexity of living systems and increasing technological development of our times have put a distance between our way of life and some of these primal life instincts that have always been a guide to our survival (health, vitality and wellbeing). But they do not exist to guide us simply with survival.

Our instincts and organic networks, that connect us as a living system (individually and as a group/species) are also a guide to the innate potentials of our own ‘technological’ development and evolution: potentials of our genetic diversity and richness that link us to the living system of the earth we live on and the universal system beyond this planet.

When we dance with life, together, we open the deepest potentials of human evolution to awaken vitality, creativity, plenitude, rejuvenation, joy, health, wellbeing, fulfilment, altruism and solidarity – our potentials become possible through expression.

Biodanza – translated from Latin as the Dance of Life – is a practise that re-connects, supports and maintains our connection as living systems of the universe, as life itself. Joyful, harmonious, revitalising, integrative dances and simple movements activate these life sources on a deeper level. Because the movements are natural and instinctive, the original connections with life that start to flourish from the moment of conception, are re-awakened and enlivened through experience of the dance and the timeless memory of life in each of our cells.

If life continues with this connection – with the origin and primal memory – then we can activate the seeds of health, wellbeing and our body’s own ability to heal and renew.

This one day workshop will give each participant an opportunity to learn more about the theory of Biodanza and to experience the practise of the dance.

Dances are created individually, in pairs and as a group as a whole. The dance is an invitation and everyone participates in the experience to the level of their ability. 

Please wear what you are comfortable dancing and moving in. We usually dance in bare feet. Bring some water to drink.

It is recommended to attend the introductory evening class on Thursday 27 April although it is possible to come to either or both the evening class and the day workshop.

Claire Levey Lewis is an International Facilitator of Biodanza, Systema Rolando Toro and is a council member of the International Biocentric Foundation (IBF) which governs the worldwide organisation of the Biodanza system.   

She pioneered the work of Biodanza in Scotland in 2002 and Ireland in 2003. She is the Director of the Rolando Toro Schools of Biodanza in Edinburgh and Dublin and has trained new teachers in both countries over the last 10 years.

She specialises in social action and clinical Biodanza projects working with various organisations including The Garvald Centre, The Columcille Centre, Shakti Women’s Aid and Get2gether. www.biodanzascotland.com     

Seeds of Potential

Cost: £40/£35 (each, 2 people booking together)/£25 (Students/Unemployed/Retired). For a Registration Form:
Contact: Neill Walker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0131 331 4469.

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