Event: Visit of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to Edinburgh.

Title: Meditation 2.0 - Go Deeper.

Venue: Assembly Hall, Mound Place, Edinburgh, EH1 2LU.

Date: Thursday 16 June 2016.

Time: 7pm-9.45pm.

Event: Join us on this second visit of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to Scotland for an evening of meditation and music.

At Sri Sri’s Meditation 2.0 - Go Deeper UK events, he will guide the audience through one of his much-esteemed meditations, silencing the auditoriums as thousands experience it live. The events will also include Satsang (Sanskrit chanting) from the Art of living repertoire and interactive sessions where audience members will be given the opportunity to pose questions to Sri Sri and enjoy his profound and often humorous answers.

Renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the world through his meditations, breathing techniques and wisdom. He is an icon of non-violence and seeks global peace through service and fostering human values.

This tour presents a unique opportunity to interact with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, whom Forbes Magazine identified as one of the top five most powerful figures in India and who has reached over 300 million people worldwide.
Sri Sri's expertise and success as a peacemaker in areas of conflict resolution, has been underpinned by his unique ability to bring people together through these practices. This was highlighted in March 2016 at the World Culture Festival - an event that celebrated 35 years of Sri Sri’s organisation the Art of Living, where 3.7 million people from 155 different countries came together, to celebrate peace and to meditate with Sri Sri.

The 2016 UK tour of Sri Sri is organised by Art of Living UK, and the Edinburgh part of the tour is organised in collaboration with the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace, EICSP, Scottish Charity, SC038996, www.eicsp.org.

Cost: £15 and £10 (Concessions).

Contact: 07816899842, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/25217725897


Additional events:

On Friday 17 June 2016 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will also meet with religious community representatives in Edinburgh.

Further, during the day there will be an outing to Loch Katrine, and in the evening there will be a Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the Edinburgh Hindu Mandir and Cultural Centre, 7pm for 7.30pm-9.15pm.

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