Event: Sufi Healing Hour.

Facilitator: Led by Fateah Alice Saunders.
Venue: Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5AB. www.salisburycentre.org
Dates: Wednesday afternoons up until August 2015: 14 and 28 January; 11 and 25 February; 11 and 25 March; 8 and 22 April; 13 and 27 May; 10 and 24 June; 8 and 22 July.
Times: 2pm-3pm. Please turn up several minutes early if possible, to enable the session to start on time.
Event Description: This is a quiet meditative hour dedicated to healing for ourselves, other people and the planet.

We do spiritual practices from the Sufi Ruhaniat tradition, followed by the Absent Healing Ritual. This is a simple ceremony, which was given by the Sufi Pir-OMurshid Hazrat Inayat Khan to his followers in the early years of the last century. During this ceremony, healing is sent to people (up to 10 in number) who have requested healing and are not present in the group.

Healing may be sent to small children at the request of a parent.

The name of a person recently deceased may also be included, for a peaceful transition, at the request of a family member or close friend.

All are welcome, though some experience of meditation is expected.

Fateah was initiated into the Sufi Ruhaniat International over 20 years ago and as a teacher in 2006. She entered the Dervish Healing Order in 2000 and received initiation as a “healing conductor” 11 years ago. Since then she has led the Healing Ritual regularly with groups in her own home, at the Salisbury Centre, and at workshops and Sufi camps in other parts of Scotland and overseas.

Fateah works individually with new people interested in the Ruhaniat Sufi path and welcomes enquiries.

These sessions are supported by the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace (EICSP).

Cost: There is no charge although donations to the Salisbury Centre are always welcome.
Contact: 0131 664 6206, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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