Event: Fifty Ways to Find the Beloved:
The Many Colours of Sufi Meditation and Zikr.

Facilitators: Tansen Philip O'Donohoe and Saadi Shakur Chishti.
Venue: The Old Kirk, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.
The Old Kirk, Kirkcaldy, Fife. Kirkcaldy is just north of Edinburgh, easily accessible by bus or rail. The Old Kirk is situated within easy walking distance from bus or rail stations. We can recommend local B&Bs close to the venue. Access is from Kirk Wynd (KY1 1EH) or Church Lane (KY1 1BG). Please check the venue website for details of disabled access and parking: www.kirkcaldyoldkirktrust.org.uk
Dates: Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 November 2015.
Times: Saturday: 10.30am-5pm, 7pm-9pm.
Sunday: 10.30am-4pm.
Event Description: The world's spiritual and healing traditions approach silence in various ways and under different names--meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, centering prayer, sitting zen, self-observation and stress relief--to name but a few. Ultimately, being able to find our way more easily into a compassionate, inner silence can help us to attain more understanding and empowerment in daily life, a type of "meditation with open eyes."

The Sufis combine silent practice with a more active one called dhikr (zikr), the practice of remembering our original and truest nature. In one of his unpublished books, Murshid Samuel Lewis describes nearly 50 methods of exploring the practice, with attunements to various sacred names, elements, planets, symbols and messengers. In the Chishti Sufi tradition of the presenters, dhikr is often done with music and sacred movement.

In this year’s autumn workshop in Scotland, Philip Tansen and Neil Saadi will explore some of the many colours, textures and flavours of zikr and meditation. One only needs one way for realisation. However, in another sense, each way invites us to open to another, richer aspect of our inner ecology. As usual, we will also share Dances of Universal Peace, walking meditation, chant, breath practice and contemplation. All interweave to create an experience of renewed energy, joy and balance.

The workshop leaders are UK senior teachers (murshids) in the Chishti Ruhaniat tradition of Sufism (http://www.sufiruhaniat.eu), in the line of Sufi Ahmed Murad Chishti and Hazrat Inayat Khan Chishti. Philip Tansen O’Donohoe is a singer and musician who has made a lifelong study of the use of sound in healing and spiritual development.  He has been described as a modern day mystic who is a regular guy. He has trained in various forms of meditation over the last 30 years and is a senior mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace. He teaches this work around the world (see http://philipodonohoe.com).

Saadi (Neil Douglas-Klotz) is the author of several books on Sufism and Middle Eastern mysticism, including The Sufi Book of Life, Desert Wisdom, The Tent of Abraham, The Hidden Gospel and Prayers of the Cosmos (see http://www.abwoon.org).  He is the co-founder, with Neill Walker, of the Edinburgh International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace (MESP) and the co-founder of the Dances of Universal Peace Network in 1982.

Cost: Saturday and Sunday: £155/£110 (Concessions). Other reductions and work exchanges also available.
Contact: For registration form & queries please contact: Stella Cranwell, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 01738 636 842.

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