Online Zoom Workshop Series: Introduction to the Teachings of the Cauldron.


Facilitators: Phyllida Anam Aire and Croilán.

Dates: Saturday 11 May 2024 and Saturday 1 June 2024.
Times: 10am-1pm (UK time).

Event Description: The Teachings of the Cauldron are inspired by Phyllida Anam Aire, who since 1999 has been teaching from her roots in Celtic Consciousness.

After many years of intense grief work with Elizabeth Kubler Ross MD, Phyllida realized the vast difference between knowledge acquired through intellect and cognitive understanding, and wisdom which comes from emotions and experiences that have been integrated into the heart, into love.

The Celtic Cauldron of Brigid holds within it wisdom from the ages, it is a symbolic representation of soul, which holds without judgement all the experiences, thoughts and behaviors of humanity from the beginning of time as in the Akashic records. And when we are called through the dark night of the ego to climb into this Cauldron, we will know that deep healing has begun.
In these experiential gatherings we learn from our personal experiences to recognize our natural spiritual teachers. And we will focus in sharing, witnessing, movement, sounding and ritual to understand what it takes to parent our ego and our emotions so that we might become more conscious.

Important Practical Information:

Maximum 9 participants.

All cameras need to be kept on for the duration of the session.

One person per camera/device.

Commitment to both dates is needed to participate.


Phyllida Anam-Áire:

Phyllida Anam-Áire, a former Irish nun, as well as grandmother and therapist, who trained with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D., has worked extensively with the sick and dying.

Also a songwriter, she has taught Celtic Gutha or Caoineadh, Irish songs or sounds of mourning/keening.

The author of A Celtic Book of Dying, Celtic Consciousness in Contemporary Living, Let Love Heal, and now in the process of writing two more books to be published in 2024.

Phyllida lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Croilán MBACP (Snr Accred) has been working as a psychotherapist, bodywork therapist, trainer, and yoga teacher for over 25 years.

Her early career was in contemporary dance performing and teaching.

In her journey of personal healing and search for understanding of holistic health, she has engaged in 25 years Shamanic experiencing, including Dzogchen (Tibetan Buddhism), Atman teachings (Hinduism/Yoga Philosophy) and has latterly found roots in Celtic Consciousness as an Initiate of Brigid of Ireland.

Croilán is known for her sincerity, warmth, and dedication to healing and consciousness.


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Introduction to the Teachings of the Cauldron


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