Online Zoom Workshop: Our Birth Starsign does Matter - The Wisdom of Soul Choice in Incarnation:
An invitation to rethink and reheart astronomical and astrological reunion in ourselves anew.

Facilitator: Sólasan Elina von Herzklang.

Chair: Aoisanam.

Date: Sunday 25 February 2024.
Time: 6.30pm-8pm (UK time).

Event Description: This interactive, experiential workshop will offer us the opportunity to look at "how choices we make are influenced by our birth sign" and we are invited to remember and re-embrace the wisdom of soul choice at incarnation.

Solasan invites you to rethink our zodiac sign as a cosmic gift to support us living fully.

You will be invited to reflect on whether you too recognize the influence of your birth zodiac sign and if there might be more to discover than you ever thought.

Sólasan will teach you her creative way of self-exploration that you can pursue for yourself.


Important practical information:

1. All cameras need to be on for the duration of the workshop with the exception of a short break.

2. Bring a small mirror and a tea light or candle with something to light it with.

2. Bring a notebook and a pen.


Sólasan Elina von Herzklang:

Sólasan Elina von Herzklang (Black Forrest, Germany), mother of five, Birth and End of Life Doula, Singer-Songwriter, Poet and Storyteller. Researcher in the cosmic humanity alignments and the 13. starsign. Sólasan is a Priestess and Initiate of Brigid of Ireland. Her devotion is to also be a Guardian and Teacher of the Gutha (Celtic mantras).


Bio: Aoisanam has been working in the field of psychotherapy and personal development for almost 20 years. Her personal quest has led her to explore different spiritual traditions. She has rooted herself in Shamanism and Celtic Consciousness. Aoisanam was initiated in the Order of Brigid in 2018. The Teachings of the Cauldron and being in Nature are an inspiration to her work as well as daily living. Her work nowadays focuses on healing (ancestral) trauma by facilitating Family Constellations and Systemic Rituals.


Our Birth Starsign Does Matter

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