Online Zoom Forum: True Professionalism: A Spirituality of Service, Creativity, and Caring.

Date: Wednesday 21 February 2024.
Time: 7pm-9pm (UK time).

Event Description:

Format: There will be five talks, each of 12 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of discussion among the speakers and te the chair, followed by Q & A.




Liza Horan:

Bio: Liza Horan covers the mind-body-spirit movement as editor of and host of The Mindstream Podcast. She chairs the Frontier Journalists' Network, which is an international group working to better enable coverage of topics surrounding the mysteries of human experience, such as consciousness; and provides strategic communications consulting to organisations including the Scientific and Medical Network, Galileo Commission, Parapsychological Association, and Edinburgh's own Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre.



Professor Bart McGettrick:

Title: The Spiritual Self at the Heart of the Professional.

Description: This presentation will touch on what it is to be a professional person - suggesting it requires a sense of service that engages "the whole person". This implies using gifts and talents that derive from a commitment to serve others. It is in that commitment that we find a spirit of hope and of love to create a society of justice.

Bio: Professor Bart McGettrick was Dean of the Faculty of Education at Glasgow University. He was Dean of Education at Liverpool Hope University.

He chairs the International Board of Regents at Bethlehem University and works with professional people in schools and places giving humanitarian aid in Palestine and Israel.

He is also serves on various boards, nationally and internationally.

Dr Michael Williams:

Title: Storytelling as Spiritual Practice and Service.

Bio: Storyteller at Heart: With a deep-rooted passion for storytelling, I breathe life into narratives that connect hearts and minds. Whether it's on the stage or behind the scenes, I thrive on the art of storytelling, weaving tales that resonate with the soul.

Empowering Others: Beyond my performances, I empower individuals and organizations to discover and share their compelling stories. In the community and corporate sectors, I help clients harness the power of storytelling to promote their services and ignite meaningful connections.

Legacy Keeper: Every life is a tapestry of unique stories waiting to be preserved. Using my interviewing skills, I unearth and preserve legacy stories for generations to come, ensuring that the wisdom of the past lives on.

Eco-Spiritual Explorer: Nature is my sanctuary, and I've embarked on a journey of eco-spirituality. As a spiritual mentor, I guide others on a path of reconnecting with the earth and finding profound meaning in our interconnectedness with nature.

Storytelling as a Spiritual Practice: For me, storytelling transcends mere words; it's a sacred practice that bridges the mundane and the mystical. Through my work, I seek to inspire, heal, and transform, making storytelling an integral part of my spiritual journey.

Dr Ian Wight:

Title: Spiritual Perspectives on Professing, Professionalism, and Being Professional.

Description: One line would involve, respectively, an interest in personal essencing, common sensing, and collective presencing. But essentially I’d want to try to privilege ‘professing’ - with an interest in exploring the ‘pro-‘ in professing, the ‘fess’ in professing, and the '-ing’ in professing. And I’d want to introduce praxis (personal), ethos (inter-personal) and poiesis (transpersonal) as potentially congenial elements of a ‘professional-self design’ perspective.

I’m mainly looking forward to what others have to say, and what I might ‘make’ of it - especially in the context of a current writing project: 'The Essencing in Professing - Sourcing and Souling Meaningful Work'. My operative context is transformative professional learning, drawing on my combined professional (planning) practice and planner education (professional formation) experience.

Bio: Senior Scholar, City Planning, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba.

Now retired, and refiring, in his native land, after a professional career in planning in Canada, first as a practitioner and then as an educator, Ian has had a long interest in place and placemaking, in related professional practice, and in the essencing of the professing associated with architecture and design. He brings an integral perspective to his work, including the integration of Self, Culture and Nature - in body, mind, soul and spirit. Documentation of his refirement interests may be found on his ResearchGate site and in his LinkedIn articles.

Dr Marilyn Hamilton:

Title: True Professionalism: Integral Service, Creativity, Care.

Description: I will review three professions from my career/life work as: Accountant, Author, Integralist.

Bio: Dr. Marilyn Hamilton is Co-Founder of Living Cities.Earth and Founder of Integral City Meshworks. She is the author of the Integral City Book Series and Tales of the CROFT Regenerators Novella series. She is co-designer of the course Cities Rising for Regenerative World & curator of Urban Hub 20, City Change in a VUCA World (English and Spanish).

Marilyn serves cities and ecoregions as Gaia’s Reflective Organs. Inspired by the Gaia Code of Care for Self, Others, Place and Planet, she is co-designer of the Master of Regenerative Action degree. She is or was CEO, COO, CFO and CIO in the private & Not-for-Profit sectors. She is an Evolutionary Leader, a researcher and a member of the Integral Europe Academic Consortium and Global Accreditation Council and is a Findhorn Fellow. She has served as Fellow for Urban Arena Europe Fellow and Ambassador for World Unity Week.

An international keynote speaker, and faculty of Ubiquity University and Royal Roads University School of Leadership, plus several other Universities, Marilyn designs, delivers and supervises “pracademic” courses. These build capacity for the wellbeing of 4 archetypal Voices of the City: Citizens, City Managers, Business/Innovators, 3rd Sector/Civil Society. She has worked and travelled internationally in many countries, cities and organizations in most sectors.

Currently Marilyn is really passionate about creating Living Cities Earthlings who co-create cities that “human well”. The initiatives of this emerging international consortium called Living Cities.Earth are aimed at igniting aliveness in 10,000 Cities reconnecting them to our Living Earth to enable City Regeneration Hubs and Cities of Peace.

Marilyn lives in Findhorn Ecovillage Scotland (where she returned to the land of her ancestors from British Columbia, Canada in 2018).

Ken Webb:

Title: Professionalism in the Practice of ‘Deliverance Ministry’.

Description: I will be talking about professionalism in the practice of ‘Deliverance Ministry’.

I will start by sharing how I learned as a young missionary doctor to take the world view of my patients and the cultural context in which I was working seriously and how, in failing to do so, I was not being fully professional.

I will then illustrate what being professional in that context meant, drawing from the work of an anthropologist who was researching the phenomenon of demon possession and how both the Moslem and Buddhist exorcists dealt with cases.

I will tell a story illustrating how that same approach put into practice by a Thai Christian pastor.

I will note that there are some similarities between that and the way that the Jesus we read about in the gospels exercised his authority over what are, in the gospels.

I will explore what the the gospels mean by the term ‘unclean spirits’ and note that nowhere does the Greek text use the term ‘possessed', to see what light that sheds on how we should understand the phenomena associated with possession even in the West.

I will conclude by talking about how I approached the matter of ‘Deliverance Ministry’ when I was appointed to be the bishop’s advisor on these matters in the Diocese of Edinburgh.

Bio: Ken was born and brought up in the Far East, and spend many years practicing medicine in a mission hospital in Thailand before studying theology and being ordained as a priest in the Anglican Church.

After returning from a further period of ministry as priest / doctor in Thailand with the Diocese of Singapore he and his Scottish wife returned to Scotland where was appointed as the rector of a congregation of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

He spent the final years before he retired as the Ministry Development Officer in the Diocese of Edinburgh.


True Professionalism


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