Online Zoom Forum: The Findhorn Founders - Peter and Eileen Caddy, and Dorothy Maclean: The Spiritual Vision in their Life and Work.

Date: Wednesday 17 January 2024.
Time: 7pm-9pm (UK time).


Event Description:

Format: There will be five talks, each of 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion among the speakers, the chair, and the audience, followed by Q & A.

Chair: Katherine Collis.

Speakers: Jonathan Caddy, Liza Hollingshead, Gelda MacGregor, Judy McAllister, and Dr Sara Trevelyan.


Judy McAllister:

Title: Dorothy Maclean: A Modern Mystic.

Description: Dorothy's work with what she called the Devas, and a stream of consciousness she called the Landscape Angel, formed the bedrock for the creation of the original garden at Findhorn.

Her ability to connect with and then 'translate' her communications with the intelligences of nature guided the work and the attitudes that led to the articulation of one of the three core practices of the Findhorn Foundation - Co-Creation with the Intelligence of Nature.

Bio: Judy McAllister has lived and worked in the Findhorn Foundation for nearly 45 years.

Twenty of those years involved working, traveling and teaching with Dorothy as well as caring for her in her last years.

A past focaliser of the Foundation, she is also an ex Foundation Trustee, a current Foundation Fellow and a Director of Innerlinks UK.

She is an author in her own right as well as having collated and edited a book of Dorothy's early guidance.

Gelda Macgregor:

Title: Findhorn and the Network of Light, and, Dorothy Maclean and the Landscape Angel.

Description: Influence of the early Findhorn community on other spiritual communities in Scotland.

Bio: Gelda Macgregor is a Scot, educated in Edinburgh then Aberdeen University.

She has pursued a career as a community and adult educator, founding the first full time Adult Literacy Scheme in Scotland, in Edinburgh, 1975-80.

Then retrained in social work and as a private therapist.

She has been actively involved as a volunteer, paid worker, and Trustee of the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh, for 18 years, where she met all the Founders of Findhorn in the 1980s.

She later moved to the Findhorn area in 1999 where she was especially inspired by Dorothy Maclean`s work with the angels and the land.

Dr Sara Trevelyan:

Title: Eileen Caddy – A Contemporary Mystic – Divinely Ordinary, Divinely Human.

Description: My first meeting with Eileen was after the early morning meditation at Findhorn when she invited me into her home, which was next door to the sanctuary at Findhorn, for breakfast. Meeting Eileen was like sitting with a grandmotherly presence … she was kind, generous, warm, and offered me tea and toast … but more than this, to be in her presence was deeply transformative.

She shared very honestly with me about her own life and the difficulties she had experienced in her marriage to Peter, especially her devastation when this ended. She encouraged me and shared simple wisdom with me, based on her own lived experience.

She called me her friend, she had many friends, but I appreciated her love for me. She was a transformative influence at a challenging time in my life when my marriage was coming to an end … she ‘saw’ me, and encouraged me to ‘grow’ through following my own inner guidance, and attuning to what she would call ‘God’. This ultimate mystery which is beyond names but I glimpsed something of this ultimate dimension in her presence.

I also knew Dorothy but didn’t have the same close relationship with her as I had with Eileen. They were very different. Her teaching was also very direct, and rooted in the practice of turning within and contacting the place where we are one with an expanded field of consciousness which encompasses all of life.

Bio: I have had a home at Findhorn for over 20 years, I’m a regular visitor, Fellow and committed supporter of the community through this time. Findhorn is my spiritual home!


Liza Hollingshead:

Title: Peter and Eileen Caddy – Founders of the Findhorn Foundation Community.

Description: I met Peter and Eileen Caddy in 1974 when I first visited the Findhorn Community. I had no idea what it was all about but intrigued as I was on my way to India in search of a spiritual teacher. I needed to go no further, and have lived in the Findhorn Community ever since!

After a few years, Eileen asked me to help her write her autobiography, and I gladly accepted the challenge. It involved reading through the hundreds of messages from God, written in her tiny handwriting in small receipt books and gradually a picture emerged of the spiritual teaching she received from her inner voice. My job was to link it all with the events in her life which involved ten years of listening to her story, and putting it down on paper. I often joked that Eileen heard God’s voice, and I heard Eileen’s!

Peter Caddy had an important influence on my life too. His was the art of carefully listening to each person’s talents and dreams and then encouraging them to act upon them for the good of the Findhorn Community’s role in the world. He encouraged me to write, hence Eileen’s autobiography, the greatest gift he could have given me.

Bio: Liza Hollingshead: Co-author of Eileen Caddy’s autobiography Flight Into Freedom and Beyond.


Jonathan Caddy:


Katherine Collis:

Bio: Katherine Collis is a teacher, group facilitator and spiritual counsellor currently living in California.

In the early 1970s she resided in the Findhorn Community working closely with its founding members.

During this time, Katherine fell in love with the Isle of Iona and has since led retreats and pilgrimages to the island for over 40 years.

As a Findhorn Fellow, trained in the fields of human development and spiritual psychology, she continues to be involved in Findhorn’s educational outreach, teaching the spiritual underpinnings of this remarkable international center, which she believes are more relevant now than ever.


The Findhorn Founders


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