EICSP is supporting the Salisbury Centre 50th Anniversary Celebrations, January - June 2023.


Standing as one of the oldest holistic centres in Edinburgh, the Centre was founded with a robust spiritual community focus, which over time has expanded to embrace a strong foundation of inclusivity, as well as creative, psychological, and ecological wellbeing, making it a resilient and much loved community space in the heart of Edinburgh!

To celebrate the occasion we have created this brochure which offers some context about the Centre’s history and its founding pillars. as well as an exciting 6-month programme of community events, culminating in a week of celebration, workshops & gatherings on 18th – 25th June 2023.


EICSP are pleased to be supporting the 50th Anniversary Celebrations, and we extend good wishes to the Salisbury Centre as it strives to serve the community in future.


Salisbury Centre 50th Anniversary

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