Online Zoom 2-Day Retreat: The Adventure of Birthing and Deathing -
Being Present, Being Peaceful in the Transitions of Life.

Facilitators: Kate Curtis and Phyllida Anam Aire.

Dates: Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 February 2023.
Time: 11am-5pm (UK time).
Description: This is an exploratory retreat where we will explore the idea of how we may come home to ourselves more fully through the practice of letting go. We will be looking at the similarities of these journeys - as it is in birthing as to how it may be in our ultimate letting go into death.


Kate Curtis: Grof breathwork facilitator, nurse, midwife, and acupuncturist.

Kate Curtis with a background in intensive care nursing and midwifery, became interested in the psychology of pain, whilst working as a midwife. She later qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western & Chinese herbalism, Grof holotropic breathwork, and Celtic Shamanism.

Kate began working as an Acupuncturist 1994, and has been involved in women’s health for several years, in her general practice, both as a nurse, midwife and acupuncturist. She works, in particular, to assist in supporting people on their fertility journeys and during their pregnancies and preparing women for labour. She has assisted at many home-births offering acupuncture and her midwifery skills.She regularly lectures to acupuncturists in obstetric and fertility medicine. She had a home birth 28 years ago, with the assistance of acupuncture.

Kate offers emotional support to people who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment with Acupuncture and Chinese/Western herbalism, both in helping to enhance the immune system and in helping reduce the side effects of the drugs.

Kate has attended many people during their dying process both as a nurse and as an acupuncturist.

Realising how stress has a very strong trigger effect for many illnesses, especially in autoimmune disorders, Kate tries to assist in showing how the different methods of deep relaxation and self-enquiry can make a difference to general health and wellbeing.

She teaches meditation, and Taoist methods of Mindfulness, and has taught Tai Chi and Chi gong for more than 20 years

She trained with Grof Transpersonal Training with Dr. Stanislav Grof, certifying as a facilitator in 2012. She holds regular workshops in Grof Breathwork, also known as holotropic breathwork, in Ireland and Scotland and has facilitated in Spain, Romania and USA. She is a tutor and supervisor for the Grof Legacy Training Nordic countries, Britain and Ireland in transpersonal therapy and holotropic breathwork.

Kate has created and managed two Holistic Healing centres 1999 and 2009. She introduced Acupuncture to Sims IVF clinic in Clonskeagh Dublin in 2014 where she has continued a strong collaboration.

In 2020 she created a small residential retreat centre, called Danu Lodge, in Co Wexford Ireland from where she runs her practice.

She does so with a deep commitment to offering people respite and a wide variety of healing modalities, to help individuals to take full charge of their own healing journeys.

Phyllida Anam Aire: I just love being a fully paid-up participant in this amazing drama of Life. Somehow, I don’t see it as MY Life rather, I have the awful privilege of being called to experience a very short spiral in this dramatic and dynamic mystery of Love made flesh.

Nearing my 80th birthday is such a rich and splendid privilege, one that fills me with deep gratitude to Life Itself. Joy has been a constant companion these past years.


NB: There will be no refund if you cancel your booking.


The Adventure of Birthing and Deathing

Cost: £100/£80 (Concessions). For a Registration Form:
Contact: Neill Walker, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (up to and including Friday 17 February 2023).
(Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (on Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 February 2023 only))

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