Online Zoom Forum: Intergenerational Leadership:
Honouring the Ancestors, Nurturing the Present, Seeding the Future.

Date: Wednesday 7 June 2023.
Time: 7pm-9pm (UK time).

Event Description:

Format: There will be five talks, each of 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion among the speakers, the chair, and the audience, followed by Q & A.



Dr Gameli Tordzro:

Bio: Dr Gameli Tordzro is a tradition bearer from Ghana.

He is an educator, artistic researcher, director and performer and farmer.

He works part time in the School of Education at the University of Glasgow as an Artist in Residence of the UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration Through Languages and The Arts (UNESCO RILA) and as a Research Associate of the MIDEQ Hub.

He is also a freelance creative arts consultant and producer.

His professional experience cuts across Education, Artistic Research, Film, Television production and performance, Community Theatre and Development, traditional African cultures, music, fashion and textile production.

He is well known in Ghana for his storytelling role in the 1990s as Grandpa on the popular Ghana Television’s Kids Television programme ‘By The Fireside’ and later as ‘Paa Joe’ in the forty-episode TV Series ‘All That Glitters’ (2005 - 2006).

Tordzro is Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland (CATS Awards 2015) winner for Music and Sound for his work on the National Theatre of Scotland production ‘Last Dream on Earth’.




Dr Nadine Andrews:

Title: Healing Ancestral Trauma.

Description: I will share from my personal experience of working with ancestral wisdom and healing ancestral trauma, including some of the practices I found most transformational.

Bio: Ultimately my work is about helping people live in more harmonious relationship with the natural world. I am a mindfulness and nature-based coach/trainer, and work in social research and organisational learning in the Scottish Government. I'm also a visiting researcher at the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business at Lancaster University and former chair of Climate Psychology Alliance Scotland.

Claudia Goncalves:

Title: Embracing Intergenerational Leadership: An ancestral call for each one of us.

Description: I will start by talking about how my experience as visionary co-founder of the Planetary Healing Centre and the Shamanic Centre have shaped my understanding of intergenerational leadership. I will talk about the importance of collective efforts, honouring the ancestors, the wisdom of the past, nurturing the present and seeding the future and how everyone of us plays a role in shaping and creating a better future. Each one of us possesses the power to make a positive impact, and by joining forces, we amplify our capacity for change.

Bio: Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Claudia Goncalves carries the profound wisdom and sacred healing traditions passed down to her by her grandmothers. With a deep reverence for the spiritual path, Claudia embarked on her shamanic journey at the age of 13 under the guidance of elder Dona Mercedes.

After moving to the UK in 1994, Claudia's personal transformational development took on a new dimension soon after her Rites of Passage of becoming a mother for two young children. In 2001, she received a powerful calling from her great-grandmother's spirit during a sweat lodge ceremony, urging her to step into her life's work. Guided by spirits and receiving teachings from both inner and external sources, Claudia dedicated herself fully to the shamanic path.

In October 2003, Claudia and her husband, Mark Halliday, co-founded The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre. Today, they offer a range of shamanic training programs, guided meditation training, Feather Stone Energy Healing work, and various ceremonies to serve the community.

Additionally, Claudia co-founded Youth Vision Charity in 2005 alongside Sara Beauregard. Youth Vision focuses on guiding young people aged 14 to 24 through the transformative process of transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

Claudia also provides support for couples experiencing relationship challenges, empowering each individual to reclaim their personal power, dissolve projections, and grow spiritually, allowing their love and light to flow freely.

Through her one-on-one sessions and group work, Claudia offers a range of healing modalities, including Shamanic Healing, Rites of Passage, Goddess Initiation, and Transformational Healing.

To maintain inner balance and strength, Claudia regularly practices yoga. During December, January, and February, she takes time off to replenish her energy in her homeland of Brazil and to learn from indigenous communities.

Adzovi Sika:

Bio: Faustina Junior Sika, also known as Adzovi Sika is a multifaceted artist. She hails from Tefle but lives and works in Ho, the capital of the Volta Region of Ghana.

She is the Outreach and Digital Coordinator at the Ghanaian NGO Adanu, and Personal Assistant to the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of AdinkraLinks Network.

Adzovi is a farmer and an ardent champion for Nature. She is rooted in her E?e traditions and its cultural values of language, food, music and spirituality, expressed in her everyday life and through performance on stage and on screen.

She is a member of the Ghanaian theatre movement EHALAKASA and also performs as solo artist. She adores colours and everything art and has performed on multiple stages in Ghana.

In the absence of writing, theatre arts, travel and culinary tourism, she engages her mind, heart, and hands in an intimate crafty conversation with African prints and other local materials.

Adzovi Sika is also a contemporary spoken word performer, and a co-host of Night Howls, an initiative of AdinkraLinks Network.


Judy Wilkinson:

Bio: I have lived and worked in Glasgow for over 50 years and for most of this time cultivated a plot on a nearby allotment site, also for many years my family spent a month each summer on a croft in Shetland. These experiences have made me aware of the important part ‘grow your own’ plays in our food culture, so I have campaigned through Scottish Allotments and the Glasgow Allotments Forum for a mosaic of allotments, community gardens, orchards and market gardens to be created in urban and rural areas across Scotland.

Simon Barrow:

Description: My own experience of leadership is within church organisations, political life and the formation of NGOs – and as through adult education and consultancy to organisations in change. I will offer a few comments on the growing rhetoric of ‘intergenerational leadership’ within business and education, and suggest some virtues and practices which can root it more solidly in listening, learning and relating, building from concrete communal engagement.

Bio: Director of the Ekklesia think-tank, which focuses on beliefs, ethics in public life, Simon is also a writer, lecturer and consultant on public policy, training and development, theology and politics. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists' Ethics Council. He has authored and edited or co-edited numerous books, the latest of which is 'A Better Nation: The Challenges of Scottish Independence' (Luath Press, May 2022). His forthcoming book ‘Against the Religion of Power: Telling a Different Christian Story’ will be published by Ekklesia this summer.



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Intergenerational Leadership

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