Online Zoom Forum: Healthy Grieving - Individual, Community, and Intergenerational:
Spiritual, Social, and Policy Perspectives.

Date: Wednesday 24 May 2023.
Time: 7pm-9pm (UK time).

Event Description:

Format: There will be five talks, each of 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion among the speakers, the chair, and the audience, followed by Q & A.


Phyllida Anam Aire:

Bio: I just love being a fully paid-up participant in this amazing drama of Life. Somehow, I don’t see it as MY Life rather, I have the awful privilege of being called to experience a very short spiral in this dramatic and dynamic mystery of Love made flesh.

Nearing my 80th birthday is such a rich and splendid privilege, one that fills me with deep gratitude to Life Itself. Joy has been a constant companion these past years.



Kirsty MacGregor:

Bio: Kirsty brings her natural warmth, empathy, and intuitive insight to her work in Leadership Development, coaching, and consulting. She has extensive corporate and international business experience including an MBA from the University of Edinburgh which focussed on Venture Capital investment in Silicon Valley. She is the founder and a co-director of Edinburgh Universities Global Compassion Initiative and currently serves on the Business Committee of the General Council of the University of Edinburgh.

Over and above her rigorous academic and professional background, Kirsty brings presence and depths from decades of experience as a practitioner and instructor in mindfulness meditation, yoga, and personal development. She has twice hosted visits from her spiritual teacher Mother Meera to Edinburgh and has spent much time in India where she taught in Rishi Valley, a school founded by J K Krishnamurti and Annie Besant, in her mid-twenties. Additionally, she has ‘quietly' been a spiritual channel to a collective high consciousness she calls Benjamin for over four decades.

Kirsty divides her time between California and the UK. She has three children, four grandchildren, and a beloved small dog. Her favourite charity is a school for underprivileged children in India.

Prof Richard Roberts:

Bio: Richard H. Roberts (né Vodvarka) is Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies (Lancaster University), and held the Chair of Divinity at the University of St Andrews during a time of dramatic change in university governance. Currently, Richard Roberts is Honorary Fellow at New College, University of Edinburgh. His research interests include ‘managerial modernity’; the interface between music, performance and ritual; place and identity; shamanism and altered states of consciousness; critical interrogation of the polarisation between theology and religious studies; and theological issues concerned with sexuality and embodiment.


Bio: Aoisanam has been working in the field of therapy and personal development for more than 15 years. Her personal quest has led her to explore different spiritual traditions. She has rooted herself in Shamanism and Celtic Consciousness. Aoisanam was initiated in the Order of Brigid and the Teachings of the Cauldron are an inspiration to her work as well as daily living. Her work nowadays focuses on healing (ancestral) trauma by facilitating Family Constellations and Systemic Rituals. Aoisanam is known for her dedication to healing work, her gift to see through the outer appearances of things and her devotion to reconnect with the ancient wisdom lying dormant in all of us and waiting to be rediscovered.

Dr Christine Kupfer:

Bio: Dr Christine Kupfer is a pluralistic therapist and a researcher, and she teaches at Abertay University (Counselling and Psychology). Her background is in social and medical anthropology, education sciences, psychology, and counselling. She has carried out a wide range of research projects, e.g., a study on children’s mental health in India, a citizen science project on depression, ethnographic work with Ayurveda patients to understand their conceptualisations of health and healing, and research on Rabindranath Tagore. Her ongoing project is on the “Dark Side of Meditation”. She has published articles and book chapters on her research and has written a book on philosophical anthropology and transcultural education.


Reverend Suzanne Dance:

Title: What is Healthy Grieving? And what prevents it?

Description: How do we enable, support and empower ourselves to face, express and release our grief in healthy and creative ways, individually and collectively? And what gets in the way of us doing that?

Including our grief at what is happening to our Planet Home.

Bio: Reverend Suzanne Dance is an OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, a Community Worker and an Actor.

When her Mum died she co created a piece of Sacred Theatre involving ritual, storytelling, music and silence.

As an Interfaith Minister she offers Spiritual Counselling to those grieving. And co creates Funerals.

Suzanne has also co created Workshops and Ceremonies to face and honour our fear and our love, and our grief at what is happening to our Planet Home.



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Healthy Grieving

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