Online Zoom Forum: Being the Change, Living the Change: Spiritual, Social, and Policy Perspectives.

Date: Wednesday 15 February 2023.
Time: 7pm-9pm (UK time).
Event Description:

Format: There will be four talks, each of 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion among the speakers, the chair, and the audience, followed by Q & A.


Chair: Lilian Helen Brzoska:

Bio: Lilian is a hybrid Scot. She had a Polish father and a native Scottish mother. Her Roman Catholic upbringing, in a happy European Scots family, in Stirling, grounded her in Care for Others in a World-with Community. Seeking truth, her exploration of Comparative Religions while working on her emotional and creative fields, through Co-counselling International, led her through Jung and Buddhism to the Findhorn Foundation and thence to the Theosophical Society in Scotland. She is a founder member of Fife Writes, a B.A., qualified teacher of The Arts and a lover of our vibrant Standing Stone Circles.


Dr Charmaine Blaize:

Title: Honouring our Ancestors.

Description: Reflections on ancestral wisdom and its purposeful impact on our lives.

Bio: Dr Blaize has a doctorate in Health Care Management, with research focusing on the quality gap in maternal healthcare in developing countries. Her current research interests include health improvement science, mental health, information management, data activism, social justice, and gender equality.

Dr Charmaine Blaize is a co-founder of Women of Colour Scotland (WoCScotland) a community interest group committed to empowering and promoting positive change for families living in Scotland and diaspora. Dr Blaize is a global citizen with roots in Trinidad (her birth country) and Scotland where she has lived for over a decade.

Dr Blaize has also been involved with the Windrush Caribbean film festival since its inception in 2020. She sees the festival as a way to inspire and engage people (shared and global citizenship).

Dr. Blaize is an Ifa/Orisa devotee is interested in work-life balance and mind-body connection and practices complementary therapies such as Mindfulness, Reiki, Yoga, Aromatherapy, and Massage.


Shawn Nicholas Fernandez:

Title: Unity among Humanity.

Description: The importance of the power of Unity and the differences we can make to change communities.

Bio: Shawn Nicholas Fernandez a former police officer, a Human Rights Activist, and a SCVO Scottish Charity Awards 2021 Volunteer of the Year Recipient.

Laura Bilton:

Title: What Sustains You: Connection, Peace, and Stillness for an Autistic ADHD-er.

Description: To achieve change, it is important to know what part you can play in a movement, and connect to others who want the same as you. However, it takes time and reflection to gain clarity on these ideas.

Finding the space for connection, peace and stillness is important for any changemaker, but what about those of us whose brains work differently? Clarity, rest and emotional sustenance can be difficult things to achieve for autistic people, ADHD-ers, and anyone who is Neurodivergent. However, they are vital for all activists.

Trying the same techniques as neurotypical people might not work, and frustrations about lack of progress may mean that you end up isolated and disillusioned.

In this talk, we aim to examine some barriers that autistic and ADHD-ers may face in finding spaces for reflection, and some ways we can support ourselves and others.

Bio: Laura Bilton is an anti-racism activist with experience in Violence against Women and Girls, Disability and Youth Work. With heritage from Kenya and Scotland, Laura has been active against racism for more than 25 years in the media of dance, music, poetry and community organising. A mother of two and Union Equality rep, Laura is co-founder of Scottish Ethnic Minority Autistics (SEMA). Laura has worked with disabled people for 9 years, and it was through this work that led to her own autism and ADHD diagnoses at the age of 39.


Mridul Wadhwa:

Title: Change may be Beautiful but Changing can be Ugly.

Description: Reflecting on being in a minority in a system that wishes to change but resists changing.

Bio: Mridul Wadhwa has worked in the gender based violence sector for 18 years. She has served on the boards of a number of equality organisations. She is a trans woman who migrated to Scotland from India seeking family.

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Being the Change, Living the Change

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