Online Zoom Forum: Activism: Spiritual, Social, and Intergenerational Perspectives.

Date: Wednesday 8 February 2023.
Time: 7pm-9pm (UK time).
Event Description:

Format: There will be four talks, each of 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion among the speakers, the chair, and the audience, followed by Q & A.


Chair: Dr Gameli Tordzro:

Bio: Dr Gameli Tordzro is an Anl? E?e tradition bearer from Ghana. He is an educator, artistic researcher, director and performer and farmer. He works part time in the School of Education at the University of Glasgow as an Artist in Residence of the UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration Through Languages and The Arts (UNESCO RILA) and as a Research Associate of the MIDEQ Hub. He is also a freelance creative arts consultant and producer. His professional experience cuts across Education, Artistic Research, Film, Television production and performance, Community Theatre and Development, traditional African cultures, music, fashion and textile production. He is well known in Ghana for his storytelling role in the 1990s as Grandpa on the popular Ghana Television’s Kids Television programme ‘By The Fireside’ and later as ‘Paa Joe’ in the forty-episode TV Series ‘All That Glitters’ (2005 - 2006). Tordzro is Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland (CATS Awards 2015) winner for Music and Sound for his work on the National Theatre of Scotland production ‘Last Dream on Earth’.


Zhenya Dove:

Title: United in terror.
How the war erased all the differences, brought all generations together and created a formidable force across the globe.

Description: Comparing my current social circle to the one from this time last year, you wouldn’t see many matches. Somehow, gradually but unexpectedly, the girl squad, my perfect companion for a carefree student life in Edinburgh, got replaced with a blue-haired Polish school kid with her greyhound dog in blue-and-yellow scarf, a Ukrainian granny and hundreds of other people from all walks of life I had very little in common with a mere few months ago.

Bio: Zhenya Dove, the Scottish Ukrainian, found herself in an unexpected role of an activist when her native country was invaded in February 2022. Speaking at conferences, concerts and events became an emotional outlet and a powerful way to convey the voice of Ukrainian people and the tragedy and devastation they are forced to live through.

Judy Wilkinson:

Title: Activism - Spiritual, Social, and Intergenerational Perspectives.

Description: I will describe how, for me, activism comes from an awareness of the energy of the earth rising through the plants, trees, and other creatures as I work on my allotment. I would like others to have an opportunity to experience the joy of working on an allotment; this leads to my rational mind engaging in policies, strategies and actions at Government and local level. Discussions and working with family and friends of all ages and backgrounds, gives me a wider perspective, an awareness of the needs of others and so helps to direct my activism towards creating a more balanced and harmonious human world.

Bio: I have lived and worked in Glasgow for over 50 years and for most of this time cultivated a plot on a nearby allotment site. Because I enjoy my plot and it provides so many benefits I have campaigned for many years through Scottish Allotments and the Glasgow Allotments Forum. I have attended, as a representative, various organisations and participated in working groups and seminars at national and local level. I try to raise awareness of the benefits of actually being able to ‘put your hands in the soil’ and ‘engage with the earth’ - it can change lives.

Josephine Nketiah:

Title: Evolving Spirituality: The Gateway to Modern Spirituality.

Description: Spirituality is simply a sense of self and our sense of self is an invitation to understand ourselves through the lens of nature. We reflect our environment and vise versa. Throughout history, spirituality has transitioned and travelled from old practices and rituals into the modern society. In our current generation, There is a call for Generation Z to find creative ways to apply the wisdom of the old pathway of spirituality into its modern and evolved world.

Bio: Jo Nketiah is a social media writer and poet whose writings are inspired by everyday happenings and the diverse narratives of the human story. She is also the founder of the Restorer’s Home and the Adult Anonymous community; both a mental, emotional and spiritual community that advocates for navigating wholeness in the spirit of community.

Parisa Urquhart:

Bio: BAFTA Award Winning Director, Parisa Urquhart has produced and directed numerous films such as Scotland, Slavery & Statues, Long Live Livi and her documentary on American Abolitionist Frederick Douglass whose visit to Scotland is the focal point of her film "Strike for Freedom." Parisa's passion for activism through filmmaking led her to start Urquhart Media Limited enabling her to produce and direct her own projects. She will discuss her work and her present film project on the Iranian Revolution.

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