Online Zoom Forum: Self-harm, Self-worth, Self-care, and Self-esteem: Spiritual, Social, and Policy Perspectives.

Date: Wednesday 5 October 2022.
Time: 7pm-9pm (UK time).
Event Description:

Format: There will be up to five talks, each of 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion among the speakers, the chair, and the audience, followed by Q & A.



Lesley Reid:
Lesley has worked throughout on themes of wellbeing and health. She has engaged directly with the consequences of trauma – working with people affected by a wide range of issues including homelessness, imprisonment, mental health issues, addiction and HIV as well as poverty.
Her later focus has been on policy and practice in public health, community development and community planning, with an emphasis on the social underpinnings of wellbeing and health.
She is currently working with colleagues on developing collaborative and generative approaches to social issues.
Pete White:
Title: Hope – life raft, ambition or illusion?
Description: My talk will consider hope and the fear that might accompany it in the search for a different life. It will also, I think, include references to sadness, resilience, optimism and unexpected or undesirable outcomes.
Bio: As originator and CEO of Positive Prison? Positive Futures…. SCIO Pete was recognised as a key stakeholder in the Scottish justice system until serious illness intervened in 2019. He is now on his ‘journey of discovery’ into life after stroke and is working on a memoir about his experiences within both the Scottish justice system and NHS.
He is a founding member and chair of the recently formed ‘Prison Expert Group’ – a group of people which advises HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland in respect of the inspection process through the perspective of lived experience of imprisonment within Scottish prisons. He is also a member of the Police Scotland Ethics Advisory Panel.
More background info here:
Sue Cooper:
Title: Self-love.
Description: Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and sense of happiness and taking time out to cultivate the awareness of caring for your own needs. It is an active daily practice of contemplation and action to apply the wisdom of the mind and the love of the heart to our spiritual and social perspective. Policy will be formulated when enough of us call for conscious compassionate action.
Bio: Sue is a nurse, mindfulness and meditation teacher and an Ayurvedic lifestyle educator, integrating the current Western health practices with the Eastern ancient wisdom traditions of natural self-care and self-love.

Susanna Bennett:

Title: The Role of Self in Male Suicide.

Description: Male suicide is a public health crisis with more men than women dying by suicide in almost every country. In this brief talk, I will explore the role of self in suicide. I will talk about how our relationship with ourselves - including self-worth and self-esteem - are important to theories of suicide and also some of the evidence for how painful feelings of self may contribute to the male suicide crisis.

Bio: I am a 3rd year PhD student at the 'Suicide Behaviour Research Lab' at Glasgow University researching male suicide. In particular, I am interested in the cultural and social factors that put men at risk of suicidal despair, and the factors that can aid men to recover a meaningful life. My research focuses on the dynamics of selfhood, interpersonal connections, emotions, masculinity, psychological pain and suicidal behaviours in male suicide.


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Self-harm, Self-worth, Self-care, and Self-esteem

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