Online Zoom Forum: Miscarriage: Spiritual, Social, and Policy Perspectives.

Date: Wednesday 21 September 2022.
Time: 7pm-9pm (UK time).
Event Description:

Format: There will be five talks, each of 10 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion among the speakers, the chair, and the audience, followed by Q & A.



Phyllida Anam Aire:

Bio: I just love being a fully paid-up participant in this amazing drama of Life. Somehow, I don’t see it as MY Life rather, I have the awful privilege of being called to experience a very short spiral in this dramatic and dynamic mystery of Love made flesh.

Nearing my 80th birthday is such a rich and splendid privilege, one that fills me with deep gratitude to Life Itself. Joy has been a constant companion these past years.


Diana Dodd:

Title: To Isla and Grace.

Description: I will share a summary of writings from my diaries of the experience of two miscarriages that happened a few months apart in 1983. I have never done this before. It will be somewhat graphically descriptive of the emotions and physicality of the events. While deeply distressing, it was also transformative, and I'll also try to share the wonders of the effects on the rest of my life.

Bio: Born in 1947 in Edinburgh where I grew up. Key turning points were my mother's death while still young, a boring job, art college in England and USA, a breakdown in 1971, a breakthrough in 1975 (and more since). For 6 years, I lived and worked on a City Farm and with Gypsy Travellers in Cardiff. After losing two pregnancies, I walked to Edinburgh in 1984. Jobs evolved from art to community art to community education within Edinburgh Council. Studied Buddhism since 1989. Took a break from my job to teach English in a Tibetan Orphans’ School in 1995 where I became a mum to the 50 kids I stay in touch with. Loved my voluntary work with that charity and my job. It changed to advising all Edinburgh Council’s schools and social work services on equality, diversity and dealing with bullying. Retired 2016 and trained as a mindfulness teacher.

Sólasan Elina:

Title: Sounds of Silence.

Description: No matter how many explanations we try, a miscarriage is beyond our mind. Her experience is that we need to allow all emotions alongside misscarriage to be expressed to be able to deal with in our family and society. She believes our humankind needs women telling their pregnancy- and birth-stories. This might help us to deal with the mystery of birthing, living and dying. And she feels that it is time to release us from the thoughts and feelings of "mis-care" and create a new conscious language.

Bio: Sólasan IoB Elina von Herzklang (German), birth and death Doula, mother of four. Sólasan is an Initiate of Brigid of Ireland and Guardian of the Gutha (Celtic mantras).

Nicola Reed:

Title: Miscarriage: My body – designed for a purpose but failing to deliver.

Description: Many women feel that their bodies are designed for a purpose – a childbearing purpose. Miscarriage can shatter that and see a woman question both her purpose and her design.

Bio: Nicola Reed is the Head of Client Services with Cruse Scotland – Scotland’s dedicated bereavement charity. After a 20-year career as a chartered accountant, Nicola took a shift from the corporate to the charity world joining Cruse Scotland in 2019. Not as strange a move as it may as seem as for many years she has been actively involved with a local Dundee charity which offers pregnancy and baby loss counselling and listening support - so her passion for seeing people well supported through bereavement has always been a driving force for her. With an active involvement in a faith community Nicola has a deep understanding of the tensions that there can be where our faith beliefs get challenged by life’s experiences.

Angie Alexander:

Title: Held In Our Hearts – the importance of community and connection for bereavement support.

Description: Angie will share about Held In Our Hearts and our journey as a charity, moving from being localised support in the Lothians, to supporting more widely across Scotland. She will share more about the types of support that they have for families affected by miscarriage and the role that lived experience plays in the charity’s work.

Bio: Angie Alexander is the Chief Operating Officer at Held In Our Hearts, a Scottish charity providing baby loss counselling and support. She joined the charity in 2016, as their Fundraising Manager and at the beginning of 2019, took on her current role, where she is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation.

Angie has previously worked for small, medium and large charities both in Edinburgh, London and Tokyo. She has worked in fundraising, programmes, campaigns and communications for causes including refugees and asylum seekers, conflict affected education, child mortality in developing countries, UK poverty, homelessness and baby loss.

Abi Clarke:

Title: Understanding of MISS and the support available.
Description: MISS was formed in 2017 and is the only early pregnancy loss charity in North East Scotland. We provide support for women and men after miscarriage and next pregnancy.
Our website is:

Bio: Chairperson / Founder of MISS (Miscarriage Support).

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