Event: Online Zoom Forum: Forgiveness: the Conditions, Challenges, and the Wisdom of Forgiveness.

Date: Wednesday 8 June 2022.
Time: 7pm-9pm (UK time).

Event Description:

Format: There will be five talks, each of 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion among the speakers and the chair, followed by Q & A.


Chair: Aoisanam:

Bio: Aoisanam has been working in the field of therapy and personal development for more than 15 years. Her personal quest has led her to explore different spiritual traditions. She has rooted herself in Shamanism and Celtic Consciousness. Aoisanam was initiated in the Order of Brigid and the Teachings of the Cauldron are an inspiration to her work as well as daily living. Her work nowadays focuses on healing (ancestral) trauma by facilitating Family Constellations and Systemic Rituals. Aoisanam is known for her dedication to healing work, her gift to see through the outer appearances of things and her devotion to reconnect with the ancient wisdom lying dormant in all of us and waiting to be rediscovered.


Phyllida Anam-Aire:

Title: And in the end, there are no judgments … imagine  a world, where we  meet soul to soul instead of ego to ego.  

Description: At 78 years of age having spent 26 of them in N.I during the Troubles, I truly believe that our nature is to love, and when I have integrated past hurts, self compassion shows the way to compassion for all.  

I have a song I composed about this theme and I am happy to share it as part of my sharing.

Bio: Phyllida is a grannie and enjoys playing with her 3 year old grandchild who teaches her about love.

Phyllida at 78 years no longer defines or names herself in the usual way; stating her profession etc. rather, she sees her life as having been lived from the inside out. Her greatest achievement is that she now has nothing to defend…the earthmind or ego is lying gently in the safe arms of compassion.

Dr MaryCatherine Burgess:

Title: Understanding and Cultivating Forgiveness with Courage, Ongoing Learning, Self-Compassion, and Dedicated Practice.
Description: Join this exploration into how learning about what forgiveness is and is not, the relationship of forgiveness to grief and gratitude, ways to cultivate forgiveness, and the role of self-compassion in courageously moving through our suffering can together empower us to heal ourselves and discover the gifts of forgiveness, some of which can include the freedom to create new dimensions of our life stories, deepen connections, and nurture a more compassionate heart. We’ll also reflect on examples of how these insights can be applied in daily life.

Bio: MaryCatherine has explored forgiveness in several ways, including through facilitation training for the Boundless Compassion, Compassionate Integrity Training, and Conscious Aging programmes, and by participating in online forgiveness courses with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, his daughter Mpho Tutu Van Furth, and Sister Joan Chittister. She is a University of Edinburgh (UofE) Honorary Fellow and member of the Charter for Compassion’s UK Task Force and the Spirituality in Education Alliance UK. MaryCatherine has worked as a (UofE) Spirituality and Multifaith Chaplain, shamanic practitioner, licensed mental health practitioner, ordained minister, and certified trainer of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. She holds postgraduate degrees in Religious Education, Human Relations, Celtic and Scottish Studies, and Religious Studies.

Alannu Doris Hogger:

Title: Forgiveness has Different Faces.

Descprition: I became aware of how much my life was shaped by my own experiences and the unhealed issues from my family system as I walked my healing and learning path over many years with Phyllida Anam-Aire and the "Teachings from the Cauldron.

Coming from a professional background in psychotherapy (my focus is on (ancestral) trauma-healing), I now enjoy working with the inspiration of Celtic wisdom and its various supportive tools, like Celtic Rituals.

And I love to pass this knowledge on to others. In doing so, I have repeatedly come across the topic of "forgiveness" - and learned a lot about it.

So I realized how complex forgiveness is, that it has different faces."

Bio: Mother, grandmother, Initiate of Brigid, Grief Counsellor, Alternative Practitioner (Psychotherapy).

Various trainings/courses with Phyllida Anam-Aire ("Conscious Living/Conscious Dying, Biology of Dying, Focused Intentional Healing, Grief Counselling ...), training at the Center for Psychotraumatology and Trauma Therapy Niedersachsen, training as Alternative Practitioner, Psychotherapy, and EMDR at Forum Gilching e.V..

Anila Mirza:

Title: Forgiveness - a liberating process.

Description: After working with the survivors of gender-based abuse for almost two decades, I learned that forgiveness helps us liberate from everything holding us back. It’s a process and takes its own time. I have witnessed the transformational journey of many women and young people I have supported throughout my working career.   

Bio: Anila Mirza is a writer, poet, and activist. She has extensive experience working in the gender-based violence sector. Anila Mirza worked for Shakti Women’s Aid, a Scotland-based charity that works with women from ethnic minority communities. She has worked closely with women who have no recourse to public funds and campaigns to promote women’s rights, justice, and equality for all women. She has an in-depth knowledge of issues related to migrant women. She is the co-editor of ‘Real Women: Unheard Stories based on true stories of migrant women in Scotland. She writes short stories and poems in two languages Urdu and English.

Dr Sara Trevelyan:

Title: Forgiveness: Transforming Grit into Grace.

Description: Forgiveness is, I think, one of the more difficult lessons which life has to teach us. The two experiences which I will speak about will be forgiving my mother and forgiving my ex husban. Forgiveness has ultimately brought me release, and, of course, a deeper capacity to love, and keep on loving, even when difficulties arise. Having a spiritual practise of daily meditation has been a great support, helping me to return to a place where there is only love.

Bio: Entering into my 70s these days, mother, grandmother, therapist, healer, interfaith minister, author of Freedom Found. My life has been a weaving of different aspects of myself into what feels today a commitment to living from my soul, following life’s continued unfolding with passion and full engagement.

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