Online Zoom Event: Dances of Universal Peace 40th Anniversary Event.

Date: Sunday 6 February 2022.

Time: 6pm (UK time).

Event Description: Forty years ago this month Tasnim Fernandez and Neil Douglas-Klotz began the Dances of Universal Peace Network.

They started from zero, and it wasn’t easy.

Although it was all about “universal peace,” there were difficulties and obstacles, sometimes involving putting their lives on the line.

They persevered and today the Dance Network is worldwide.

Join us for a free 1.5 hour webinar celebration:

• Where we’ve been, where we could be going...

• The legacy of Samuel Lewis’ sacred dance and walk program and how it (for him) was a way of social activism...

• Sharing chant, meditation, sacred movement together.

Sponsored by International Dance Network.

For many years the EICSP has supported Dances of Universal Peace events in Edinburgh and is pleased to also support this event.

You’ll need to register in advance, since each Zoom link is unique:

Register here

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