Online Zoom Forum: Menopause: Spiritual, Emotional, and Psychological Reflections.

Date: Sunday 1 May 2022.
Time: 6pm-8.30pm (UK time). NB: the new start and end time.

Event Description: Speakers:


Beatrix Angelika Iseanna Turrentine (German).

Title: Menopause – A Female Blessing to Move from Dictatorship and Democracy into Anarchy.

Description: In my experience Menopause offers the space to pause and reflect upon the life we have led up to this point. We are able to go back to the root cause of our individual wounds during the dictatorship of our childhood, moving into the bending and twisting of ourselves as employees, mothers and wives, having followed the majority rule of democracy. A time to find compassion for ourselves, to move into the blessed time of anarchy, of complete responsibility of one’s self.

Bio: Born in 1966 in Germany, traveling and living all over the world and settling back in her place of birth in Germany.  Woman, Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife, Interpreter German-English, Accountant, Commercial Correspondent German-English, Veterinary Nurse, Shaman in the Inka Tradition of Peru, Shaman in the Mongolian Tradition, Reiki Practitioner, Training in Herbal Lore in combination with Anthroposophy, Spagyrik and Astrology based on Rudolf Steiner etc., Crystal Therapist, Salt Therapist, Bioresonance Therapist, finding my home in the studies with Phyllida Anam-Aire in the teachings of Brigid of Ireland – i.e. Cauldron Teachings, Biology of Dying, Court of Love, Generational Diseases, Sacred Celtic Guth, Sacred Poetry of Brigid, living this in every sacred breath.

Lorna Pellet (Scottish).

Title: The Energetic Vibrations of The Menopause.

Description: Having had a positive, valuable and informative relationship with menstruation, the menopause was an emotional and biochemical cataclysm through experiencing changes in hormonal and the nervous system (dis)regulation. These surges and shifts in emotional and biological systems gave the opportunity to open up old wounds, old beliefs and unhelpful triggering behaviours. Her experience was infulenced by Hawkin's Consciousness chart as a metric to evaluating, understanding and enhancing her wellness and consciousness. The experience brought her closer to womenship through the inquiry into pain and purpose through processing small t and big T Traumas and to sit in stillness with the pain. Choosing meditation over medication and an arsenal of non negotiable rituals has seated Lorna in a deeper experience of joy, peacefulness and acceptance through the work on processing and flushing the pained mind-body

Bio: A serial entrepreneur in the food, recruitment, property and life coaching sector with a passion for growing and experimenting with biodynamic planting and potions to enhance mind and mitochondrial wellness and, not least, the healing power of having her hands in the soil. A practitioner of meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, swimming in very cold Celtic waters, and Earthing adds to her rich tapestry of life.


Kate Curtis (Irish).

Title: A Journey of Empowerment and Healing Leading on from Mother's Journey of Disempowerment and Trauma.

Description: Kate will speak of her re-experiencing the menopausal crash which she bore witness to in her mother and absorbed as a young child. How she was able to explore at all levels the misunderstandings, misconceptions, of the patriarchal-led medical system. She will speak of the understanding she has gleaned of the hormonal effects on the psyche. The journey of many women, which can be most solitary and challenging.

Bio: Kate was born in the early 60's in Dublin, Ireland, and has travelled and lived in several countries. She lives now in Co Wexford, Ireland.

She trained in nursing and midwifery, and worked for many years in women's health, and intensive care for both children and adults.

She has attended many birthing and many deathing processes.  

She trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbalism, Reiki, Chigong, Taichi, Celtic Shamanism, and Holotropic Breathwork.

Her great teachers have come from many traditions, including classical Chinese Medicine and Chigong, Rudolf Steiner, and various Shamanic traditions.

She incorporates her Shamanic healing practice with working with women trying to achieve healthy pregnancies and guiding them towards empowered birthing processes.

She holds regular Holotropic Breathwork retreats in Ireland and in Scotland.


Aoisanam (Netherlands).

Title: A journey towards soulful living – just when you think you know all about yourself, your body will take you on a whole different journey!

Description: Aoisanam will speak of her personal experiences with these times of transition and transformation. In her journey early symptoms of menopause announced themselves when she was in her early forties. Aoisanam will share about the misconceptions and misunderstandings she faced as well as the unexpected doors opening into unknown parts of herself. She will invite you to open to the possibility to see these turbulent times of change as a catalyst to shape shift into a truer version of yourself.

Bio: Aoisanam has been working in the field of therapy and personal development for more than 15 years. Her personal quest has led her to explore different spiritual traditions. She has rooted herself in Shamanism and Celtic Consciousness. Aoisanam was initiated in the Order of Brigid and the Teachings of the Cauldron are an inspiration to her work as well as daily living. Her work nowadays focuses on healing (ancestral) trauma by facilitating Family Constellations and Systemic Rituals. Aoisanam is known for her dedication to healing work, her gift to see through the outer appearances of things and her devotion to reconnect with the ancient wisdom lying dormant in all of us and waiting to be rediscovered.

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